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I have a folder related to the API of one company and I have a different folder related to a different API. Independently I am able to create and compile apps. However, what I want to do is use both concurrently in a single app. The only issue I have is Microsoft and its convoluted ways of getting the app to recognize the libraries, functions, etc of another app/folder.


What I have tried:

I have tried "Add reference" from the Project menu to no avail. Says "Please make sure the file is accessible or is a valid COM or assembly file.
Updated 5-Apr-23 13:41pm

1 solution

Create a blank solution, then add each project to the blank solution.
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LF FF 5-Apr-23 22:28pm    
Awesome, thanks Graeme. I was able to create a blank solution, but then how to add project? I have different folders for each project with a ton of various files in them, like csproj sln suo files etc. What I want to end up doing is being able to access the methods and functionalities of each. I have messed up stuff before so I want to tread carefully. Thanks again!
Graeme_Grant 5-Apr-23 22:34pm    
The projects to be added can stay where they are. Simply go to the Solution Explorer > Right-Click on the solution name > Add > Existing Project. Repeat for each project. Then you can do the project dependencies as needed.

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