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ID Numbera mobile
1 2021/23958 9.98911e+007
2 2021/24584 9.60002e+007
3 2023/29525 6.906e+007
4 2023/29538 9.9044e+007

above data in table and i want to get mobile column as number because its phone number. how to write query to get data as phone number .please help me to get the correct result.

What I have tried:

i tried using float but its not showing correct . its show like this

Select convert(float, (mobile)) as mobile from [TestDB].[dbo].[TESTA]


but above value not correct

correct values
Updated 25-Apr-23 21:56pm

1 solution

Despite the name, a phone number is not actually a number. You would never perform mathematical operations on it - for example, adding two phone numbers together makes no sense.

Phone numbers need to be stored and processed as strings.

And if you've actually store the value as 9.98911e+007, then the data is corrupt and cannot be recovered. You have only stored the first six digits of the "number", and you have rounded the "number", so digits seven and eight are lost, and digit six is almost always going to be wrong.
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