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How can I delete large amount of data more than 10 million records in fraction of a second in spring boot project, the code I'm having right now takes more than 1 minute and 30s to delete these records. Below is the code I'm using to delete these records.

What I have tried:


public interface OrderRepository extends JpaRepository<Order, Long> {
@Query("delete from Order where orderCode = :orderCode")
void deleteByOrderCode(@Param("orderCode") String orderCode);


public class OrderService {
    private OrderRepository orderRepository;

    public DeleteResponse deleteResponse(String orderCode) {    
        return new DeleteResponse("Orders Deleted Successfully");


public class DeleteOrdersApi {
    private OrderService orderService;

    protected DeleteResponse deleteResponse(@PathVariable String orderCoder){
    return orderService.deleteResponse(orderCoder);

Any suggestions will be much appreciated...
Richard MacCutchan 26-Apr-23 10:32am    
That's about 9 microseconds per record. Not bad really.
Office Systems 26-Apr-23 10:36am    
yah sure @Richard MacCutchan but is there any means I can optimize the query to reduce this time at least to 30 seconds up to completion.
[no name] 26-Apr-23 10:38am    
What's the backend database? How many records are left, if any?
Office Systems 26-Apr-23 10:44am    
I'm using PostgreSQL as the backend database and 1000k records are left after deleting these records with that particular orderCode Id @Gerry Schmitz
[no name] 26-Apr-23 11:54am    
Use SQL directly. Native SQL is always faster than the ORM; just don't be using the ORM "at the same time" while you purge (then it shouldn't matter). Conversely, "logical" deletes don't physically delete (at the moment); but only return "non-deleted" records in queries (saving purging for later).

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