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I used visual studio to create a machine learning project to classify a set of images, I followed the wizard, and I made two labels, then the program started a training process, and I was able to use it to test the model, my question is where is the generated code that build the network how to know its structure, input layer, output layer and hidden layers

on a side, is there any way such that I can get a pictorial image of the neural network

What I have tried:

I tried to unzip file, but I was not able to find the code that builds the network
[no name] 2-May-23 12:03pm    
You would run the model and then interrogate it a run time ... to get a "pictorial". The model exists while it is running; when it's "done", all you have is a final result.
Sabry1905 2-May-23 13:45pm    
I trained it, I ran it, and I am using its results in a windows forms application, but I need to see the generated code that built the network, the layers
[no name] 3-May-23 10:11am    
It doesn't "generate code"; it builds internal structures over which it applies the logic and data of the "type of model" you have selected; structures which only exist at "run time".

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