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I have built this WPF application in .NET Framework V4.8. And helixtoolkit.dll and helixtoolkit.WPF.dll are both dll V2.23.0.

Now converting this WPF application to .NET Framework V4.5 I get the following error.
Even though all the namespaces and dlls are there, this error occurs.

i get error in this line :- <helix:HelixViewport3D x:Name="viewPort3d">
and i get this Error:- The tag 'HelixViewport3D' does not exist in XML namespace ''. Line 10 Position 26.

What I have tried:

<Window x:Class="Display3DModel.MainWindow"
        xmlns:display3dmodel ="clr-namespace:Display3DModel"
        Title="SWELL"  Height="700" Width="900">
	 <helix:HelixViewport3D x:Name="viewPort3d">
            <PerspectiveCamera FieldOfView="61" NearPlaneDistance="0.001" Position="10,10,10" LookDirection="0,0,-1" UpDirection="0,1,0" />
        <helix:BoundingBoxVisual3D  BoundingBox="{Binding SelectedObject, Converter={StaticResource BoundsConverter}}" Diameter="0.2"/>
Updated 8-May-23 2:31am

You need to check the documentation. Rolling back to a previous version can introduce these types of issues. Contact the author(s) of the library for more information: Issues · helix-toolkit/helix-toolkit · GitHub[^]
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Why on earth are you going backwards in .NET versions?

If you rollback the version of the .NET Framework you're using, you're going to have to possibly use older versions of 3rd party libraries you're using along with it, like that HelixToolkit that you're using. The HelixToolkit is what is throwing the error. It may not be supported on the older framework.
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