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I'm making a program that launches links in an exe file in WinForms .NET desktop application, I want the user to change text in the richtextbox and press "Launch all" and they all open in a new window Edge, I did it, but the Properities.Settings.Default.fullText when made
= RichTextBoxURLs.Text
and then Properities.Settings.Default.Save(); is called, when I move the exe file to another folder it loses the fullText and it becomes empty in settings, what's the easiest way to make the exe file retain a string in it even when it moves to a different path or a different folder?

The user would be able to send the exe to a friend and the friend would see the same text in the richtextbox.

What I have tried:

I also tried creating and dynamically editing a string in Properties.Resources and it tells me it's read only.
Updated 10-May-23 22:57pm
Richard MacCutchan 11-May-23 4:13am    
You need to move the settings file with the executable each time they change.

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You don't change the content of EXE files: partly because they normally reside in a write-protected folder under "Program Files", partly because that kind of activity triggers anti-virus software like crazy, partly because the file is in use while the app is running and can't be changed, but mostly because it's a very bad idea with modern apps.

The way I handle this is to use the built in data folders windows includes: Where Should I Store My Data?[^] covers this.
You might want to look at this as well: Instance Storage - A Simple Way to Share Configuration Data among Applications[^] - it's not exactly what you need (it's a bit more involved than that) but it adds a degree of flexibility you may not have considered.
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RobertoSky 11-May-23 11:10am    
I want to make sure that you understand although I think you understand, I want to copy the exe file from Debug folder, and put text in it and send the exe alone to a friend and make him see the text I have put in it, is that possible? I can for example send him a folder of the exe and a txt file in a rar/zip file and let the exe read the contents of the text file that is in the same folder as it... is this the only and best way?
Edit: I made it with the txt file way, is this the best plz?
OriginalGriff 11-May-23 12:10pm    
A ZIP is maybe a bad idea - just sending the EXE file doesn't mean the app will be able to run on his computer!
The simplest solution is to make a deployment project for the app solution and include the text file in that.
RobertoSky 11-May-23 12:15pm    
What do you mean by deployment project plz?
OriginalGriff 11-May-23 12:58pm
RobertoSky 11-May-23 13:07pm    
You mean publishing the program to be installed in Windows rather than copying the EXE with a text file in a folder for both files only in a RAR? How do I transfer the text from one computer to another by moving a file to it? when I install the program on my computer, how do I move it to another computer? it's only the install folder that I can move. I need to be able to change the text file when the text in the richtextbox changes, and then when I open the application (EXE or installed), I need to write to the text file and read it later on another computer. How does having an install folder (made in Publish) in Windows desktopn .NET C# make the installation remember the texr when moved to another computer plz?

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