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I've written an html scraper which runs fine apart from on pages that have a popup message box (example here Untitled hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB[^]) , these seems to remain open, which eventually causes the machine to run out of memory and crash.

I've tried sending a keypress "Enter" but that doesn't seem to work.

Any ideas much appreciated, thanks.

What I have tried:

var browser = await Puppeteer.LaunchAsync(new LaunchOptions
    IgnoreDefaultArgs = true,
    Args = new[] { "--disable-extensions" },
    Headless = false,
    IgnoreHTTPSErrors = true,
    Timeout = 0

using (var page = await browser.NewPageAsync())
        await page.GoToAsync(url, timeout: 60000);
        await page.Keyboard.PressAsync("Enter"); //clear pop ups
        await Task.Delay(10000);

        //get html
        var content = await page.GetContentAsync();

        //get screenshot
        Stream _stream = await page.ScreenshotStreamAsync(new ScreenshotOptions { FullPage = true });
        MemoryStream ms = new MemoryStream();
        await _stream.CopyToAsync(ms);
        fs.StoreScreenshot(ms, $"{RecordId}.jpg");

        await page.CloseAsync();
        await browser.CloseAsync();
        return content;
    catch (Exception ex)
        log.Error($"Cannot load page, {ex.Message}");
        await page.CloseAsync();
        await browser.CloseAsync();
        return null;
[no name] 12-May-23 11:31am    
Key presses only go to the element that has focus.
punk_legend 16-May-23 16:58pm    
Good point, hadn't thought of that. I assume it's going to be very hard to pass focus to the popup as dependant on the website they will have different names? Any ideas how I can close/prevent these popups from appearing?

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