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I'm trying to convert an existing integration to UPS web services to the new Web API using OAuth 2.0 security model.

I would like to be able to pick up as much logic as possible from the current implementation using web services. Not sure if this is possible.

Are there any code examples you might direct me to?


What I have tried:

Trying to gather examples. Have not tried any code yet.
[no name] 3-Jun-23 11:47am    
I'm curious as to why when you have an "integration" that apparently works, you feel the need to "convert" it. (I've done a UPS, FedEx and USPS "integration")
Rafael Falagan 4-Jun-23 8:41am    
I have no desire to do this at all. Unfortunately UPS is cutting over to Web API using OAuth 2.0 by June 2024. The current integration I have now in production will stop working.
Shahin Khorshidnia 5-Jun-23 19:23pm    
Have you tried GitHub? There should be several open source projects available there that provide code examples for integrating with UPS Web Services using OAuth 2 Using keywords such as "UPS Web Services" or "UPS API".
Rafael Falagan 26-Jun-23 15:45pm    
I will certainly take a look. Thank You.
Rafael Falagan 4-Jul-23 11:09am    
I did take a look in GitHub. I could only find one (1) example. Extremely well done but only supports 3 things which I don't really need: Address Validation, Tracking, Dangerous Goods.

I still need to search around for more examples. Not neccesarily with that level of sophistication.

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