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i am trying to create a looping animation of a ball travelling to and fro across the canvas width and i used a sinusoidal function linked to the time parameter of the requestAnimationFrame() but instead the result is a steady increase in value. The code is as shown below:
        let container = document.getElementById("container");
        let mform = document.getElementById("former");
        let canvas = document.getElementById("canvas"), ctx = canvas.getContext("2d");
        ctx.canvas.width = container.clientWidth; ctx.canvas.height = container.clientHeight;
        let  radius = Math.floor(0.05*ctx.canvas.width),location1 = {x:radius,y:(ctx.canvas.height/2)};
        let leftToRight = true;
        let  colorpick = mform.elements["color1"],color1 = colorpick.value || "red";
        let speedinput = mform.elements["speed1"],speedModifier = speedinput.value;
        function drawBall(radius,color,location1){
            ctx.fillStyle = `${color}`;
            ctx.strokeStyle = "yellow"; ctx.lineWidth = 2;
        function clearBall(){
        function animate(timer){
            colorpick.onchange = function(evt){color1 = colorpick.value;
            } ;
            speedinput.onchange = function(evt){speedModifier = speedinput.value;
            window.onresize = function(evt){
                ctx.canvas.width = container.clientWidth; ctx.canvas.height = container.clientHeight;
                radius = Math.floor(0.05*ctx.canvas.width)
             location1.x += Math.abs( Math.sin(speedModifier*(timer/6000))) ;       
            console.log("location1.x is " + location1.x + "timer is " + timer + "canvas width is "+ ctx.canvas.width +"\n");


What I have tried:

i have searched stack overflow and cant find an answer to the problem.
Also writing the function in matlab gave the curve output i was aiming for,but my javascript code couldnt give me the required result.
Updated 13-Jun-23 4:07am

1 solution

I am going to take a guess at your code and say that the issue lies in the line where you update the 'location1.x' value using the 'Math.sin' function returning -1 or 1, in your case 1. Currently, you are using 'Math.abs' on the returned value of 'Math.sin', which always give you a positive value.

Math.sin()[^] and Math.abs()[^]

The following line should solve the issue -

Replace this line
location1.x += Math.abs( Math.sin(speedModifier*(timer/6000))) ;

with -
location1.x = (ctx.canvas.width - 2 * radius) / 2 + (ctx.canvas.width - 2 * radius) / 2 * Math.sin(speedModifier * (timer / 6000));

I created a jsfiddle which works fine at To and Fro Ball Animation[^]
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obiora okafor 13-Jun-23 19:45pm    
Thanks a lot Andre Oosthuizen, i really appreciate your assistance.
Andre Oosthuizen 14-Jun-23 4:33am    
Pleasure, did it work for you?

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