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I am trying to create a polygon using Google APIs. Now, I know how to create a Polygon using Google Maps. The issue is with the points. 

What I have tried:

Earlier I was using a third-party service: Smappen to get points for the isochrone using center point (lat, lng), mode, and drivetime which I then passed to google maps Polygon to create the Polygon. But, that third-party service returns 429 Errors if there are a bit too many requests.

Now, I would like to do that using Google API if possible. I tried their docs already but any API that relates to polygon requires coordinates to produce Polygon like Rectangle, Triangle but I didn't find any that matches my scenario that is producing those coordinates before passing it onto google maps Polygon to create one. I also check other posts that only show third-party services to do it.

Can someone guide me if this is possible?
[no name] 17-Jun-23 9:51am    
A point is meaningless without a context. "Is it in the middle of a lake?"
Maisum Abbas 17-Jun-23 13:31pm    
Of course, it would be somewhere on the map, any point.
[no name] 17-Jun-23 13:45pm    
Put another way, your "problem definition" is incomprehensible.

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