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This is really a question about Sonos, but may be generally applicable.
I have recently upgraded my computer (new MB, CPU, M2 SSD etc but old HDD) and have reinstalled Sonos V1. My music library is on the old HDD. The computer has changed its name to ORMONDHOME.
When I run Sonos it gives an error if I try to play a song - saying it can't locate the folder on "OBSHOME/Itunes - folder cannot be found".
Seems easy; I've been into Music Library settings and corrected the folder. Didn't work.
Is there anywhere else an application can save information like this?

What I have tried:

I've asked the question on the Sonos web site. No response.
I've looked through all files in the Sonos folder for a file which might contain "OBSHOME". No luck.
I've searched the registry for any instance of "OBSHOME". No luck.
I've run findstr on the two discs looking for any file which contain "OBSHOME". No luck.
I've tried to find some way in which the original HDD still thinks it is part of OBSHOME. No luck.
Updated 19-Jun-23 14:23pm
Gerry Schmitz 18-Jun-23 22:26pm    
(Search your drive for "Sonos".) Chances are, its "data" (or some of it) is under C:\Users\...
ormonds 18-Jun-23 23:20pm    
Thanks, but not there. I've looked at every file on both drives which has "Sonos" in its name.

The folder you need to find is named OBSHOME/Itunes, as clearly shown in the error message, and (presumably) located on the old HDD. If the location has now changed then you need to change it in the Sonos application: select "Manage" -> Music Library Settings.
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This isn't a site for product support. You're going to have to go ask Sonos support where they stored all your stuff.
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ormonds 19-Jun-23 1:32am    
Yes, that is why I said that I have asked Sonos and had no reply. I therefore asked the question as a more generic one - what places might they have saved this detail.
Dave Kreskowiak 19-Jun-23 14:18pm    
They can put the data anywhere they f'ing want! If you don't know any filenames or foldernames being used, you're ONLY method of find it is to manually start going through folders on the drive looking for anything that may fit the functionality of the app.

You can start under your user profile or C:\ProgramData.
Yes, that is why I said that I have asked Sonos and had no reply. I therefore asked the question as a more generic one - what places might they have saved this detail.
You are going to have to wait until they do reply - there are loads of places you could store that: the registry, the Appdata folders, the app folder, hardcoded into the app, a config file, an ini file, a csv file, a binary file, ... there are just too many possibilities, and file or folder names don't have to be anything obviously related to a specific app. For example, if you visit my appdata/local folder, you will find 53 folder names with the format "{GUID value}" before you get to any with readable text. Open one at random, and all it contains is a folder called "Favourites" which holds "0.txt" to "7.txt" inclusive. What app is that related to? I dunno ...

Simply put: the only people who can help you are Sonos, you need to talk to them.
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Thanks for all the help. Finally sorted it; changed the music library location, rebooted, reindexed the library but the queue showing still gave the error. Deleted the queue and navigated to a new song and it worked.
This means that despite the old volume name not being in any file on the system, nor in the registry, it had somehow kept that file location in an item in the queue. That means it was saved somewhere, but I'm not going to spend time looking.
Thanks again.
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