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Hi All

I have a C#/Selenium automation test which while running needs to read the contents of xlxs file.

What I have tried:

The link to the file is ->
href = "blob:"

And when I try this
using var stream = File.OpenRead(@href);

I get the following error
System.IO.IOException: 'The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. : 'C:\KevsTest\Debug\net6.0\blob:https:\\c7a70bf0-7495-48f8-b989-be0035eb79fd''

for some reason
is being pre-pended to the link. Can anyone assist with this please?
Updated 20-Jun-23 9:20am
Richard MacCutchan 20-Jun-23 11:26am    
Most likely because the href is being read as a relative path, so it prpends the current working directory. However the actual reference you show does not look like a path to an Excel file.

1 solution

You're getting the error because it think's you're specifying an invalid drive letter. Look at the path you told it to open:

There can only ever be a single colon in the path, with a single character before it, specifying the drive letter. You have two colons.

The next problem is you cannot use the File class to open a "file" returned by a URL. You have to use the WebClient class to download the file, then you can open the local copy of the file.
WebClient.DownloadFile Method (System.Net) | Microsoft Learn[^]
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