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I have a website that requires the users to scan directly from their scanner and add the documents to a specific customer profile and also able to read the profile with the images after.

How can I do this?


What I have tried:

I am looking to a free tool as the budget is very limited.
Updated 20-Jun-23 21:24pm

Code running on the server has no access to devices connected to the client.

Code running on the client has extremely limited access to the client's hardware. You might be able to use getUserMedia[^] to access the scanner, but I don't have a scanner to test it with.

Unsurprisingly, the few pre-built libraries Google was able to find which claim to support scanning from JavaScript all cost money, varying between $WTF-How-Much?! and $OMG-No-Way-LOL! per site. Since your budget is limited, it's unlikely that any of these will be within reach.
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This isn't a question we can answer: we have no idea what scanners are being used, how they connect to the client computer, or what happens to that data after that - and you need all that information to even start the process.

So start by setting up a test rig using the same hardware, and read it's manual(s).
Then go through all of the steps manually until the data flow and actions are clear to you - it should be possible at that point to work out what you need to do software wise, but not until.
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