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Hello I got assigned a project that is a rpg paragraph console game and also got assigned a Tech Lead role. And I am responsible for provoding a skeleton of our app, I have never done a project of similar size so if you guys could point me in the right direction, how to model such game?

How should I do this, how to architecture/ model this game ?

What I have tried:

Currently i've created a readme with a documentation for my 4 "co-workers" in there i provide them a outline of how I see the game, our naming convention, our workflow and gitflow and I also split my solution to 2 projects like this
Updated 26-Jun-23 23:12pm
Dave Kreskowiak 26-Jun-23 12:14pm    
You start by defining, in precise terms, what on earth this is: "a rpg paragraph console game". That's the start of your documentation.
[no name] 27-Jun-23 2:59am    
Start here:

This is the Quick Answers forum, for specific technical questions. Your question is far too broad to be answered here. You need to do some research into the technologies that you will be working with.
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Castelias 26-Jun-23 11:34am    
okey will try to ask somewhere else, thank you for your answer!
This may be a little left-field, however one of the most famous text adventure games was Zork 1. The source code for this game is now in the public domain: GitHub - devshane/zork: The DUNGEON (Zork I) source[^].

If that is a little bit too much for you, there is this tutorial: C# Adventure Game Introduction • Programming is Fun[^]. Here is the google search that I used to find this and more: c# text rpg game[^]
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In addition to the other answers, you can find the source code of the Quest engine here: GitHub - textadventures/quest: Create text adventure games[^]
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