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I'm currently developing a media app using .NET MAUI, specifically targeting Android Auto as one of the platforms. However, I've been struggling to find any examples or documentation related to implementing a media app for Android Auto using .NET MAUI. It seems like there is a lack of resources in this area.

I've searched the official documentation, forums, and GitHub repositories but couldn't find any relevant information or examples. I know .NET MAUI is a relatively new framework, but I was expecting at least some basic guidance on integrating with Android Auto.

Could anyone point me in the right direction or provide some insights on how to approach developing a media app for Android Auto using .NET MAUI? I would greatly appreciate any code samples, tutorials, or documentation references that can help me get started.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

What I have tried:

The only relatively helpful example was from this youtube video .NET MAUI for cars: Android Auto Tutorial - YouTube[^], but it does not show how to implement media player.
Updated 27-Jun-23 17:41pm
Gerry Schmitz 27-Jun-23 16:51pm    
I think you're over-thinking it. MAUI is OS independent. You would look for "MAUI media apps" and not specifically "Android Auto MAUI media player app". In any event, there is never "one" perfect solution, or one that even works in your particular situation without going above and beyond.

Found this: .NET MAUI for cars: Android Auto Tutorial - YouTube[^]. Here is the google search that I used: c# maui automotive - Google Search[^]


Here is an official link to the Android: Build media apps for cars  |  Android Developers[^] and for iOS: CarPlay | Apple Developer Documentation[^]
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Igor Risis 28-Jun-23 1:34am    
I watched that video, it's very helpful for layout and navigation. Unfortunately, it does not show how to integrate the media player.
Graeme_Grant 28-Jun-23 1:55am    
It may be worthwhile to raise a ticket on the MAUI github samples repo: GitHub - dotnet/maui-samples: Samples for .NET Multi-Platform App UI (.NET MAUI)[^]
Igor Risis 29-Jun-23 14:27pm    
Thank you for your suggestion. I raised the ticket with dotnet/maui-samples hopefully someone will respond soon.
Graeme_Grant 29-Jun-23 19:54pm    
I hope so too!
I take it you're talking about playing audio in Android Auto. What you should be targetting is the MAUI MediaElement which abstracts media capabilities. You can find more details here[^].
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Igor Risis 27-Jun-23 21:25pm    
Thank you for posting this example of creating the media app with MAUI. I already had that working using the MediaElement within the IOS and Android app. I can't find any information on how to add Android Auto (Automotive) interface. I want to be able to control my media app from the car's screen.

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