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Hello, I've got a custom application that I've built, which will be running continuously on multiple terminal-like touch-screen computers. During testing, it seems that after approximately 2 days of runtime the application hangs/stops responding. System resources are plentiful on the various machines and no code errors are throw in debug. I've put the exe on several different machines on our network (with varying memory, cpu power, performance specs), and have started the app staggered at varying times throughout the day... But at some given point, they all seem to lock up and become unresponsive within a couple seconds of each other. Almost as if some outside process is causing them to hang all at once on the different machines. The app makes periodic calls to webservices to get/update information, but those calls aren't set for particular times of day or any given runtime lengths. Simply closing and restarting the app restores it's functionality without any changes/fixes to servers or anything else.

What I have tried:

I've tried looking for memory leaks and exception catches to the various API driven functionality. But the issue doesn't seem to be directly app code related, but rather likely something windows/security related or some other scheduled background task or process that locks up the exe at some given point.
Updated 28-Jun-23 7:44am

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I'd be looking to the EventViewer for clues - Event Viewer | Microsoft Learn[^]
And probably downloading a copy of Sysinternals - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn[^]
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