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i have two date time picker named as follows;
dt_startweek and dt_endweek as two datetimepicker.

when i click the dt_startweek picker 21stdate in the dt_endweek picker five days 26th date to be displayed in the dt_endweek.

for that code as follows;

private void dt_startweek_ValueChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
        DateTime dt = dt_startweek.Value;
        dt_endweek.Value = dt;
        DateTime startdate = dt_startweek.Value;
        DateTime enddate = dt_endweek.Value;
the above code is working fine no problem.

then i have one button called load when i click the load button that datepicker date 5 days to be saved in the data base.

for that saving the date into the can i write code to save in the database.

help me.

Date base design as follows;

Fac_sch_date Date time (Data type)

output i want in the table as follows;


the above date to be saved in the data base when i click the load button.

what date i choose in the dt_startweek that date to be saved in the database.

please help me.
Updated 29-Jan-13 3:16am
[no name] 29-Jan-13 9:27am    
Dnt forget to say thanx who help u buddy.. its easy to copy n paste soln which u got frm smeone else...
[no name] 29-Jan-13 11:29am    
ok to save the date time picker date in database when i click the button.

please help me.
Rgds & thanks

1 solution

why not use the loop, when you want to do event Insert into database,
like this :
protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            var dtime = dt_startweek.Value;
            var data = new ArrayList();
            for (var i = 0; i < 6; i++)
                var xx = dtime.AddDays(i);
                // do for insert into database in here,can too..
// OR
//Your first capacity in each variable, then enter one of the database into your
            var x1 = data[0];// date 21 from arraylist index [0]
            var x2 = data[1];// date 22
            var x3 = data[2];// date 23
            var x4 = data[3];// date 24
            var x5 = data[4];// date 25
            var x6 = data[5];// date 26

  // OR Like This

            var d1 = dtime;
            var d2 = dtime.AddDays(1);
            var d3 = dtime.AddDays(2);
            var d4 = dtime.AddDays(3);
            var d5 = dtime.AddDays(4);
            var d6 = dtime.AddDays(5);


This parable is only sample code it .. just as a prefix to pave the way forward her your logic, associated with your coding
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