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I am trying to get value
to the variable
. But it is not getting from my

What I have tried:

Dictionary<int, string> dictionary = new Dictionary<int, string>();
IEnumerable<string> getProductValue = new string[] { };
dictionary.Add(1, "0,1,2");
dictionary.Add(3, "1790,1234,345,67");
if (dictionary.ContainsKey(3))
    getProductValue = dictionary.Where(d => d.Key == 3).Select(d => d.Value).ToString().Split(new string[] { "," }, StringSplitOptions.None); 

Expecting output:
getProductValue = "1790,1234,345,67" 
comma separated values.

Updated 6-Jul-23 22:36pm

Google search is powerful for looking up this type of question. I put it into google search for you: How do I get dictionary value by using linq where and select C#? - Google Search[^]

The first search result was: Linq Query Dictionary where value in List [solved] - StackOverflow[^]. There are plenty more answers in that search.

So, based on that, you would do:
var results = dictionary
    .Where(x => x.Key == 3)
    .Select(x=> x.Value)

getProductValue = results.Split(',');
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That's a really terrible way to get the value associated with the specified key!

Instead, use the TryGetValue method[^]:
Dictionary<int, string> dictionary = new Dictionary<int, string>
    [1] = "0,1,2",
    [3] = "1790,1234,345,67"

IEnumerable<string> getProductValue = dictionary.TryGetValue(3, out string value)
    ? value.Split(new char[] { ',' }, StringSplitOptions.None)
    : Array.Empty<string>();

Better yet, if you're always returning a list of strings, change your dictionary type so that you don't need to split the string:
Dictionary<int, string[]> dictionary = new Dictionary<int, string[]>
    [1] = ["0", "1", "2"],
    [3] = ["1790", "1234", "345", "67"]

if (!dictionary.TryGetValue(3, out string[] getProductValue))
    getProductValue = Array.Empty<string>();
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