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Hello everyone. I was using the model a week ago without any problems. Today I am getting an error when trying to load Top2Vec
model = Top2Vec(pdocs, embedding_model='universal-sentence-encoder-multilingual')

and I get an error like:
ValueError: Trying to load a model of incompatible/unknown type. 'C:\Users\...\Temp\tfhub_modules\26c892ffbc8d7b032f5a95f316e2841ed4f1608c' contains neither 'saved_model.pb' nor 'saved_model.pbtxt'.

I am kindly asking for help in solving the problem

also I got this message at the beggining
2023-07-10 10:30:20,136 - top2vec - INFO - Pre-processing documents for training
C:\Users\pkola\anaconda3\lib\site-packages\sklearn\feature_extraction\ UserWarning: The parameter 'token_pattern' will not be used since 'tokenizer' is not None'
2023-07-10 10:30:20,416 - top2vec - INFO - Downloading universal-sentence-encoder-multilingual model

What I have tried:

I found that if I run the model without the parameter embedding_model it still works.
But then even when I try to install:
pip install top2vec[sentence_encoders]

I have all of these libraries installed and error appears
Updated 10-Jul-23 0:46am

Here is the solution that worked for me:
1. Error says there is lack of files in location: 'C:\Users\...\Temp\tfhub_modules\26c892ffbc8d7b032f5a95f316e2841ed4f1608c (it will be different location for you)
2. I manually downloaded encoder from universal-sentence-encoder-multilingual-large[^]
3. Unzip tar gz file twice
4. Drag and drop to location from 1st point
5. Drag and drop files from variables folder to variables folder in 1st point location
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go to this location in your computer and delete this folder 26c892ffbc8d7b032f5a95f316e2841ed4f1608
it worked for me
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Sampriti Mahato 15-May-24 15:05pm    
It also worked for me, thank you.

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