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The small screen on the mp3 player is blue and i wanted to know in any way could i get inside the code and change it?

What I have tried:

I dont know what to do im no programmer
Updated 11-Jul-23 1:35am

If you do not have the source code then it would be quite difficult. And as you are not an experienced programmer it would probably be impossible.
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The small screen on the mp3 player

First of all, there is more than 1 mp3 player, and each is different. So without reference to your mp3 player, any answer is a guess.
- if you have source code, you have to dig into that code to understand how it works.
- if you don't have source code, as of today, it is a bad idea as any executable have anti-tampering features. It is to prevent malware.
- If your mp3 player have skins, skins are complementary picture that change aspect and colors. Winamp have skins.
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There are some things that could potentially be done, but unless you are a experienced low level programmer then you are more likely than not going to do more harm than good - you will very probably brick the device so it never works again unless you know exactly what you are doing.

In addition, without the original code or even any idea what it was written in the learning curve is going to be steeper than a Microsoft DOS manual - which means it's going to take even an experienced developer a lot of work to get to the point where he knows where to change, let alone what changes to make.

I'm an experienced developer and I've done jobs like this: they take a long time and they take a lot of effort. The cost of MP3 players is so trivial these days that it just isn't worth the investment in time - it'd be cheaper (and probably quicker) to contact the manufacturers and ask them for a price of a "special edition".
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