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protected override CreateParams CreateParams
               CreateParams cp = base.CreateParams;
               cp.ExStyle |= 0x02000000;
               return cp;
My Problem Is to Avoid flicker when i maximize the screen

What I have tried:

Double buffered true i tried but it not worked yet
The above Code I Tried Still Not Working yet
Updated 18-Jul-23 22:46pm
Andre Oosthuizen 18-Jul-23 7:25am    
I know the question makes sense to you as you are in front of your screen, we are however not and to try and guess what might be the problem is impossible. You need to give us way more information and code to see why your screen flickers.
Member 15627495 19-Jul-23 3:30am    
how do you resize your Form and Controls ?

if it's flickering, it could be because of too much 'redraw' .

while( resizing ){ refresh_controls() ;  ) // too expensive , bad process , high cost of actions

// take it easy

while( resizing ) { // no action on controls ; }
wait_for_stop_of_border_moving(){ resize_controls() };

change your 'events' firing 'maximize/minimize'. fire their functions one time only, not between two size of your Form.

I imangine when you grab a border to resize, the function resize go on and on and on. give up with it.

use your resize function only when the border resize stop.

one important thing to do :
- provide some codes here
for a better help and understanding.

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