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I accidently delete my old deploy from vercel that it was working just fine, it's an spotify clone and it was perfect y tried to recover the project by deploying it again but when I tried to recover everything from my supabase database I was able to login and everything but unable to load any song stored in my storage.

I visited supabase to make sure everything it was working and im able to listen to the songs but when i visit to the same url through Settings > Api > Project URL

I got the same error

What I have tried:

just to let you know i believe 99% that the code is fine cause it was a practice project from youtube and i know this cause y cloned the actual project from the actual owner and make it work as it where mine just to discard posible malfunctionalities i believe that the problem is either with my database or my dns from my browser cause the return HTTP status is 406, let me know if you need further information related to the issue
Updated 29-Jul-23 11:21am
Richard MacCutchan 30-Jul-23 3:58am    
The error message is clear, you are missing the API key. So that is what you need to correct.
Arisz7 30-Jul-23 15:49pm    
yes the think is i already did many times we are talking about a frontend project that y deployed previously in vercel, i provide all the keys need it thats why im posting it here cause when i re deploy it, it did not work. I checked already if the credentials were correct by going to supabase following => Settings > Api > Project URL still not working
Arisz7 30-Jul-23 16:02pm    
i just re try it again, seems like is taking the NEXT_PUBLIC_SUPABASE_ANON_KEY it appears me in the headers of the request as an authorization bearer.. so i idk why its giving me a 406, here more details of the response: {"code":"PGRST116","details":"Results contain 0 rows, application/vnd.pgrst.object+json requires 1 row","hint":null,"message":"JSON object requested, multiple (or no) rows returned"}

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