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i am working on a software where i want to do some image processing and detect the circle from the image and there is two circles that i want to detect first one is in the object (rough diamond) and the second one is i am drawing on the image or video box.
here are some images of which type of the image it will be Image1
here in above images one red circle is i am drawing using some parameters and the black circle that are on the object is the circle i want to detect for compare or to match with circle that i have drawn on the video box.

now after the detection is complete i want to compare or match the circles that i am drawing and the circle that i get from the image processing from the image.

so i am trying image processing from 2 days still did not get the result i want.
thus i have to think about Machine Learning Or AI
if i can provide data set of matched or not matched circles then can i use the AI or Machine learning for my project?
if yes then how can i use and how much time is needed for this?

What I have tried:

i have tried EmguCV Library and done some image processing but this is not accurate still i am stuck on just detection of the black circle on the object(rough diamond)

here i have done some image processing using emgucv but did not getting the result i want
results i got using this code is :
note: also works for some of the images not for all.

// Convert the image to grayscale
            Image<Gray, byte> grayImage = originalImage.Convert<Gray, byte>();
            pictureBox1.Image = grayImage.ToBitmap();

            // Apply Gaussian blur
            CvInvoke.GaussianBlur(grayImage, grayImage, new Size(5, 5), 0);
            pictureBox2.Image = grayImage.ToBitmap();

            // Threshold the grayscale image to isolate black circles
            double thresholdValue = 70; // Adjust this value based on the intensity of your black circles
            Image<Gray, byte> binaryImage = grayImage.ThresholdBinary(new Gray(thresholdValue), new Gray(255));
            pictureBox3.Image = binaryImage.ToBitmap();

            VectorOfVectorOfPoint contours = new VectorOfVectorOfPoint();
            Mat hierarchy = new Mat();

            CvInvoke.FindContours(binaryImage, contours, hierarchy, RetrType.List, ChainApproxMethod.ChainApproxSimple);

            // Loop through all detected contours
            for (int i = 0; i < contours.Size; i++)
                using (VectorOfPoint contour = contours[i])
                    double area = CvInvoke.ContourArea(contour);
                    double perimeter = CvInvoke.ArcLength(contour, true);

                    // Calculate circularity (4 * π * area / perimeter^2)
                    double circularity = (4 * Math.PI * area) / (perimeter * perimeter);

                    // Check if the contour is a perfect circle based on circularity
                    if (circularity > 0.8 && contour.Size > 150) // Adjust the circularity threshold and minimum number of vertices as needed
                        CircleF circle = CvInvoke.MinEnclosingCircle(contour);
                        originalImage.Draw(circle, new Bgr(Color.Red), 2); // You can change the color and thickness of the circle here

            pictureBox.Image = originalImage.ToBitmap();
[no name] 1-Aug-23 11:32am    
If I was going to do it "by hand" (which I do), I would include parameters line "min and max" radius; center point offset; background and foreground colors. I would then radiate circles from the estimated center point until one start to align (the circle "strokes" are a different size so one should fit within the other ... i.e. the background color changes). So, you need a routine that can walk a pixel in a circle and test the underlying image pixels for a certain accuracy % that indicates a circle. (It's sounds like alot of CPU but it really isn't)
OzzieOzburn 10-Sep-23 15:52pm    
I would apply canny or sobel edge detection and then i would try to exract the pixel numbers of dedected edges to compare with your own draw circle.

1 solution

Have a look for Hough Circle Transform to detect circle.
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sahil ajmeri 2022 2-Aug-23 3:31am    
okay i have use Hough Circle Transformation and after modifying some values of parameters i am able to detect circle but the accuracy of the perfect detection is still missing somewhere. i have some sample images are :

some of the detection of circles are accurate like some circle lines did not match whole part of circle

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