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I have an ext dll which has a base class, It has been simplified so could see what going on Header file defined as
#include "CmnStruct.h"
class B10 CBYetiBase : public CmnStruct
	// main app/errcontrol
	YVoid CreateErrControlStruct(sAppParam *sParams, PROTO_ERR_CODES);

in Source Code
YVoid CBYetiBase::CreateErrControlStruct(sAppParam *sParams, PROTO_ERR_CODES)
	FNC_INITIAL(CreateErrControlStruct); L_RET_PTRNULL(sErrControl);
	//                          ***
	int n = 0;          
	n = CmnStruct::Return();
	RETASYVOID;             //  ***

this is all thats in CmnStruct
class CmnStruct
	int Return();

int CmnStruct::Return()
	return LB_ERR;

Most of the words are defined macros and work else where when run it jumps line between marked ***

What I have tried:

Have tried making the class CmnStruct to use -> and . as function calls
the only way it works is by removing the class and putting the code directly into CBYetiBase::CreateErrControlStruct but I need to reference other functions from the Cmn class (the function used here, has been simplified)
Updated 4-Aug-23 4:56am
CPallini 4-Aug-23 5:30am    
How do you check that?
Idd Jutt 2021 4-Aug-23 8:20am    
Sorry how do I check what ?
CPallini 4-Aug-23 8:22am    
That code was actually skipped.
Idd Jutt 2021 4-Aug-23 8:23am    
single stepping after a breakpoint
CPallini 4-Aug-23 9:23am    
Such a code has no effect. It could have been optimized out.

All those macros make your code very difficult to understand. However, as far as I can see, that code will not even compile. You are trying to call a non-static class method as if it was declared static. You need to create an instance of the CmnStruct class and call Return through it, thus:
CmnStruct mystruct;
int n = 0;
n = mystruct.Return();

As per CPallini's reply below.
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CPallini 4-Aug-23 7:55am    
Nope, it is not an attempt to call a static method.
It is a call to its own instance method (after all 'CBYetiBase' is a 'CmnStruct').
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

class Base
int the_answer(){ return 42;}


class Derived: public Base
  Derived(){ cout << "The answer is " << Base::the_answer() << "\n";};

int main()
  Derived d;
Idd Jutt 2021 4-Aug-23 8:15am    
n = CmnStruct::Return();
I know I do not need the class specifier, I add them in for clarity
Richard MacCutchan 4-Aug-23 8:40am    
Thank you, I misread that.
Idd Jutt 2021 4-Aug-23 8:07am    
Yep already tried that, it still jumps over, and the variable n will as unrecognised, and yes do use a lot of macros, but they are mainly setting up initial values, and a return value set as a type
the solution was to put back in Debug mode, some how was in Release
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