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No public constructor is available for type System.Security.Principal.IIdentity
UnityConfig File:
var container = new UnityContainer();    
container.RegisterType<IUnitOfWork, UnitOfWork>();
container.RegisterType<IUserBiz, UserBiz>();
container.RegisterType<User>(new InjectionConstructor());
container.RegisterType<ClaimsIdentity>(new InjectionConstructor());
container.RegisterType<UserDTO >();
container.RegisterType<UserAccess>(new InjectionConstructor());
container.RegisterType<UserGroup>(new InjectionConstructor());
container.RegisterType<ILookupBiz, LookupBiz>();
container.RegisterType<IRepository<User>, EFRepository<User>>();

container.RegisterType<DbContext, ToptecDB>();

container.RegisterType(typeof(ISecureDataFormat<>), typeof(SecureDataFormat<>));
container.RegisterType<ITextEncoder, Base64UrlTextEncoder>();
container.RegisterType<IDataSerializer<AuthenticationTicket>, TicketSerializer>();
container.RegisterType<IDataProtector>(new ContainerControlledLifetimeManager(),
new InjectionFactory(c => new DpapiDataProtectionProvider().Create("Toptec"))); 
container.RegisterType<AccountController>(new InjectionConstructor());

I wanted to initialize the interfaces :

private IUserBiz _userBiz;
 private IUnitOfWork _unitOfWork;

 public ValuesController(){
 _userBiz = userBiz;
_unitOfWork = unitOfWork;


What I have tried:

namespace Toptec.BLL.Modules.Membership
    public class UserBiz : BaseBiz<User, UserDTO>, IUserBiz
        private readonly IRepository<User> _userRepository;
        private readonly IRepository<UserAccess> _userRoleRepository;
        private readonly IUserGroupBiz _userGroupBiz;
        private IEmployeeBiz _employeeBiz;
        private IVirtualOrganizationStructureBiz _virtualOrganizationStructureBiz;
        public static string connstr =
        public UserBiz(IUnitOfWork unitOfWork, IUserGroupBiz userGroupBiz, IEmployeeBiz employeeBiz, IVirtualOrganizationStructureBiz virtualOrganizationStructureBiz)
            : base(unitOfWork/*, userRepository*/)
            _userRepository = unitOfWork.Repository<User>();
            _userRoleRepository = unitOfWork.Repository<UserAccess>();
            _userGroupBiz = userGroupBiz;
            _employeeBiz = employeeBiz;
            _virtualOrganizationStructureBiz = virtualOrganizationStructureBiz;

public class EFRepository<T> : IRepository<T> where T : BaseEntity
       private readonly DbContext _context;
       protected DbSet<T> Entities { get; private set; }

       private readonly CurrentUser _currentUser;

       private bool _checkTenant;

       //public int CurrentUserID
       //    get
       //    {
       //        HttpContext.Current.User.Identity.IsAuthenticated
       //    }

       /// <summary>
       /// Ctor
       /// </summary>
       /// <param name="context">Object context</param>
       public EFRepository(DbContext context, CurrentUser currentUser)
           this._context = context;
           this._currentUser = currentUser;
           this.Entities = _context.Set<T>();

           if (currentUser.IsAuthenticated)
               _checkTenant = !typeof(T).IsSubclassOf(typeof(StrongEntityNoTenant));

Updated 4-Aug-23 1:06am

1 solution

Read the error message: <prelang="error">No public constructor is available for type System.Security.Principal.IIdentity
It means what it says: you cannot construct an instance of that class (or Interface, which is what I suspect it is from the name).

We can't do anything about that: we have no idea which class implements the interface, or where in your code the error occurs.
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maysam_p82 4-Aug-23 10:23am    
Actually, I provided all of the dependencies, dbcontext,... but there are lots of inheritances inside classes. But I still don't know why I face such an error. I have searched it for over 2 days. But I didn't find anything similar to my error on the Internet. I guess it looks for a dependency for Identity! Is there any other way to initialize my variables without DI?

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