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I am trying to see whether anyone has had good experience with alternative compilers for C# code. Preferably this would be for a PC since the code would execute on a PC.

Also, theoretically diff compilers might compile differently such that there might be performance differences - has anyone tested this? I can do a test with computationally intensive stuff and post results here.

What I have tried:

I have used only Visual Studio.
Updated 7-Aug-23 13:40pm
PIEBALDconsult 7-Aug-23 19:44pm    
Visual Studio is not a compiler anyway.

There really are no alternatives.

The compilers for .NET compile down to MSIL, Microsoft Intermediate Language. It's a processor agnosti bytecode that is "compiled" by the .NET CLR JIT Compiler into machine code specific to processor the CLR is running on. There are no alternatives.

The "alternative" to the compilers built into .NET is Roslyn - The .NET compiler platform[^] which is open source.

There are alternative IDE's but they all use the compilers built into .NET and Roslyn to build the code.
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The only other C# compiler I know of is the mono project: Home | Mono[^]

Whether it suitable to your purpose, or has better or worse compilation you will have to test for yourself. This page may help decide whether you can use mono or not Application Portability | Mono[^]

The mono project also provides MonoDevelop | MonoDevelop[^] as an alternative IDE to VisualStudio. Once again, you'll have to try it out for yourself and decide if it meets your needs or not.
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