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Can someone help me with my problem?
I already have a program that saves my data in the location I declared in the program (D:\Data Save\).
What I want now is I choose the location using the folder browser dialog that pastes the location in a textbox. This one I can browse already and paste the location in the text box. But the problem is when I change the (D:\Data Save\) into my textbox the data is not saving.
I'm working on this for many days already. So I need help from the expert.

In my current program, I declare the D:\Data Save\ for the location, but I want to change it depending on the location I choose in my text label using the folder browser dialog.
Thank you in advance.

What I have tried:

Using sw As StreamWriter = File.CreateText("D:\Data Save\" + DateTime.Now.ToString("ddMMyyyy_hhmmss") & "_Line" & Form1.LineTxt.Text + ".csv")
    Dim dgvColumnNames As List(Of String) = Form1.DataGridView1.Columns.
            Cast(Of DataGridViewColumn).ToList().
            Select(Function(c) c.Name).ToList()

    sw.WriteLine(String.Join(",", dgvColumnNames))

    For Each row As DataGridViewRow In Form1.DataGridView1.Rows

        Dim rowData As New List(Of String)
        For Each column As DataGridViewColumn In Form1.DataGridView1.Columns
        sw.WriteLine(String.Join(",", rowData))

End Using
Updated 9-Aug-23 21:08pm
Marlon Rivera 10-Aug-23 3:39am    
Thank you so much. It works 100%.

1 solution

That code uses a fixed path - it always saves under the "D:\Data Save\" folder, but includes the data from your textbox as part of the file name.
Which means that if textbox contains "E:\MyFolder", the final path string you try to use will be something like this:
D:\Data Save\10082023_070135_LineE:\MyFolder.csv
If you want the folder location to be in the textbox, then you need to replace the folder part with the textbox content:
Dim pathToFile as String = Form1.LineTxt.Text + DateTime.Now.ToString("ddMMyyyy_hhmmss") & "_Line.csv"
Using sw As StreamWriter = File.CreateText(pathToFile)
Or better:
Dim pathToFile as String = Path.Combine(Form1.LineTxt.Text, DateTime.Now.ToString("ddMMyyyy_hhmmss") & "_Line.csv"
Using sw As StreamWriter = File.CreateText(pathToFile)
Because it adds "/" separators as needed.

BTW: it's a much better idea to use ISO date format:
... DateTime.Now.ToString("yyyyMMdd_hhmmss") ...
as the resulting file names are easily sorted into ascending or descending order (and there is less confusion if teh system is set to US date format).
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