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I am a beginner at programming. I currently want to learn C, what are some projects that I can do as a beginner?

I am looking for projects that are:
  1. Focused on the basics and are beginner friendly
  2. Easy small projects

Any recommendation is appreciated. :D

What I have tried:

I haven't tried any projects yet, and I am willing to hear out any recommendations on the projects, and the programming language C itself.
Updated 14-Sep-23 10:30am
Gerry Schmitz 16-Aug-23 11:28am    
There are no friendly projects unless it personally interests you. Anything you would like to see or do, done better, is a candidate. Then you ask: how do I .... etc. Not "what should I do?"
Rick York 16-Aug-23 19:26pm    
FWIW, I learned C programming with a very simple, basic book and I worked through all the examples and tweaked a few that I was curious about. Once I had the basics (mostly) then I started on what is still one of my primary interests : computer graphics. I did all kinds of graphically-oriented things and learned a LOT. One of the first things I did was rotating wireframe objects then I moved onto fractals and spirograph shapes. I am not advocating this approach but my point is you will likely learn the most if you pursue something that is of interest to you. The key will be figuring out what that is.

You don't say how far you are with your learning, so maybe try C Tutorial | Tutorialspoint[^] to start with.
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Perhaps, one or more the books listed here Useful Reference Books[^] or here List of freely available programming books[^] would be useful.
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I'd suggest that learning C as your first language isn't the simplest way to get going - particularly if you want to learn from them.

If possible, I'd suggest C# instead - C is over 50 years old, and the whole paradigm of programming has moved on immensely over that time, as has the environment under which your apps can run: nobody is doing Windows or Web apps in C!

Instead of finding "beginner friendly" projects and trying to learn that way, get a book on C#, download Visual Studio Community Edition (it's free from Microsoft) and read it from cover to cover, doing all the exercises - which will act as little "mini projects" that reinforce what you have read and expand in complexity as your knowledge and skill does. It really is a better way to get started, and your skills will transfer to C or C++ if you need them to later (which isn't so much the case when going the other way).
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