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Can someone help me to make a program for this type of graph?
I have three labels:
1st label is for the Input Count
2nd label is for the Output Count
3rd label is for my Total Target

In the Graph, I want to show:
Y axis the Total Target I input in 3rd label
X axis is the time that shows the count every hour (Ex: 7:00 Am, start 0, 8:00 AM, show the current count of Input 100 then Output 98, based on the current count in Label 1 and Label 2. I want to update it in real-time (this one is no concern. I can do it in my program.) but the X axis shows every hour only like 7:00 AM, 8:00 AM, and so on.

I tried to make and search but I cannot find any help.
I already made the program but I cannot make it based on my requirements.
I hope someone can help with my problem.

I will attach my current code but this one cannot help since my request is not the same as this code.
The chart type also I want to use is spline or line type.

What I have tried:

If Integer.TryParse(lblCounter.Text, value1) AndAlso Integer.TryParse(lblSignalCount1.Text, value2) AndAlso Integer.TryParse(DiffCount.Text, value3) Then
            Dim series As New Series()
            series.ChartType = SeriesChartType.Column
            series.IsValueShownAsLabel = Enabled
            series.LabelBackColor = Color.Green
            series.LabelBorderColor = Color.Red
            series.LabelForeColor = Color.Yellow
            series.Points.AddXY("Input", value1)
            series.Points.AddXY("Output", value2)
            series.Color = Color.Green

        End If
Updated 16-Aug-23 8:38am

1 solution

Here is a library that will do what you need: NuGet Gallery | WinForms.DataVisualization 1.8.0[^]

You can download the source code and run the sample app. It has both C# and VB sample code with over 100 samples for you: GitHub - kirsan31/winforms-datavisualization: System.Windows.Forms.DataVisualization provides charting for WinForms applications.[^].
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