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I have recently been working with the APG's cash drawer setup. I need with our existing cloud ERP (servlet-based) which uses JSP files to feed the pages in the web browser. I have recently bought a cash drawer 554A USB Pro cash drawers for APG SOLUTION.

I came to the conclusion that the jar file of the SDK cannot be opened through the servlet.

Link to the APG'SDK

Sdk's Jar file

If anyone has been successful in setting up the APG's cash drawer with a servlet web-based project, then please contribute.

Thanks in advance!

I'm hoping for a solution with the servlet-based project which communicates with the cash drawer.

What I have tried:

Tried running the jar from the servlet project, but cannot. Also, the project is cloud ERP so the jar file cannot be installed in the client's machine.
Updated 19-Sep-23 10:49am
Richard MacCutchan 18-Sep-23 4:10am    
You should go back to the place you purchased the code and ask them for help.
[no name] 18-Sep-23 11:48am    
A "server based" cash drawer? Sounds slow and unreliable.

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