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I have a Dataset that contains 10-12 tables. I want to export that dataset to Access in .NET Core, but am facing some issue. Can anyone please help me with that?

What I have tried:

I tried to use OleDbConnection but was getting an error like System.Data.Oledb is not supported on this platform. Also tried to use OdbcConnection, but getting the same error like System.Data.Odbc is not supported on this platform.

Although I found some suggestion to degrade the framework, it's not possible for me to degrade the framework as it is going to effect other functionality in the project. The .NET Framework I am using is 5.0.
Updated 19-Sep-23 10:24am
Richard MacCutchan 19-Sep-23 12:40pm    
The error messages say it all. You will need to find an alternative system with a version of .NET Framework 4.x.
sunilsourav 19-Sep-23 12:43pm    
Thanks for your response. But as it is going to effect the existing functionality so I do not want to degrade the Framework. Is there any other option available apart from using oledb or odbc ?
Richard MacCutchan 19-Sep-23 13:31pm    
Read the error messages again.
[no name] 19-Sep-23 13:09pm    
Access can import "physical data sets": DBF, Excel, CSV, SQL Server, ODBC (which "connects" to a physical file).

A .Net DataSet has no physical representation; it's a software pattern.

And one doesn't "export to"; the object in question "imports".
Member 15627495 19-Sep-23 14:02pm    
you have to add ( by a checkbox ) the resource for access...
you will find that in "project > componants" ( or equal )

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