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I created this code (I'm only showing part of it) where I read an XML file and display it in a datagridView. In this, the attribute (table:style-name="ce215") changes the background of the single cell of the datagridview to yellow, but I can't understand how to do it... thanks so much for the help!!

A part of XML:
				<table:table-row table:style-name="ro1">
					<table:table-cell table:style-name="ce215" 
                    office:value-type="string" calcext:value-type="string">

What I have tried:

If nodeList IsNot Nothing Then

    For Each sheet As XmlNode In nodeList.SelectNodes("table:table", nsMgr)

        sheetName(tabella) = sheet.Attributes("table:name").Value

        For Each rowNode As XmlNode _
               In sheet.SelectNodes("table:table-row", nsMgr)
            Dim rowData As New List(Of String)()
            For Each cellNode As XmlNode _
                In rowNode.SelectNodes("table:table-cell", nsMgr)

                Dim colors As String = cellNode.Attributes_
                ' If colors = "ce215" Then
                ' do something like change background color = Color.Yellow
                'End If



            dataSet.Tables("Tab" & tab).Rows.Add(rowData.ToArray())
        tab += 1

Updated 3-Oct-23 7:36am

1 solution

This is a common question with many answers on the internet. A simple Google search will give you many solutions: winform datagridview cell background color - Google Search[^]. Also there are related questions with solutions to the right of this one.

Here is an example of one Question with a Solution from here on Code Project: Change background color of cells in DataGridView C#[^].

Lastly, in a previous solution to one of your many other questions, I showed you how to use ChatGPT to convert C# to VB. So if you find a C# solution that you want to use, you know how to convert the code.
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