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I have a query that uses a pivot table which populates columns dynamically depending what values are passed to the query. The results from the query has the departmen for rows and CallType for the dynamic columns.

I want to simply want to put the results returned into a datagrid, but unable to because the column name can change.

Please can anyone advise?
Using C#

What I have tried:

foreach (DataRow dr in dt.Rows)
                       CallEntity callSummaryEntity = new CallEntity();
                       callSummaryEntity.Department = (string.IsNullOrEmpty(dr["DEPTNAME"].ToString())) ? string.Empty : dr["DEPTNAME"].ToString();
                       //callSummaryEntity.CallType = (string.IsNullOrEmpty(dr["CallType"].ToString())) ? string.Empty : dr["CallType"].ToString();


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Rusty25 11-Oct-23 9:53am    
Great thank you. That has return the data, with autogenerated columns, I now need to make the cells a clickable cell where there is a value. When click on the cell I need to get the value of the column header and value of the row name, to then open a new page.
Is this possible ?
Richard MacCutchan 11-Oct-23 11:06am    
Try the DataGridView.CellClick Event (System.Windows.Forms) | Microsoft Learn[^]. There is lots of information available, so if you want to use the DataGridView control, I suggest you study the documentation.
Rusty25 12-Oct-23 11:16am    

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