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I have a problem with using the Barcodelib 3.0.2 in VB.NET.
It has a method encode which returns "SKImage".
When I try to show it in a picturebox, I get an error of wrong type.
How could I change it to image type?

Thank you in advance for your help!

What I have tried:

Searched Google with no results, tried to convert it to stream, etc.
Updated 12-Oct-23 9:45am

1 solution

Call SKImage.Encode[^] to return an SKData[^] instance wrapping the encoded image.

Then call SKData.AsStream[^] to get a stream wrapping the encoded data.

You should then be able to pass that stream to the Image.FromStream[^] method to get a System.Drawing.Image, which you can use with your picture box.
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tMichu 12-Oct-23 10:17am    
Hi, thank yourfor the quick reply - I have tried your solution but now I get "System.AccessViolationException" on method Encode.

My code is:
            Dim image_ean As SKImage
            image_ean = Barcode.DoEncode(Type.Code128, text, True, foreColor, backColor, CInt(PictureBox1.Width * 0.8), CInt(PictureBox1.Height * 0.8))
            Dim stdata As SKData
            stdata = image_ean.Encode // here I am getting an error
            Dim img As Image
            img = Image.FromStream(stdata.AsStream)
            PictureBox1.Image = img
Richard Deeming 12-Oct-23 10:24am    
Try calling the overload of Encode which accepts an SKEncodedImageFormat.

Otherwise, you may need to raise an issue[^] in the SkiaSharp repo or the BarCodeLib repo[^].
Member 16145188 21-Nov-23 10:18am    
Thanks a lot for your answer!

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