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In my C# project, I want to read a pdf file line by line, and when the line contains a specific string, I want to add a named destination to this line (not to the page).

What I have tried:

I have found the following example, but this is adding destination to outlines. How can I adapt this to specific lines?
static void Main(string[] args)
    String InputPdf = @"test.pdf";
    String OutputPdf = "out.pdf";

    PdfDocument pdfDoc = new PdfDocument(new PdfReader(InputPdf), 
                         new PdfWriter(OutputPdf));

    PdfOutline outlines = pdfDoc.GetOutlines(false);
    // first level     
    foreach (var outline in outlines.GetAllChildren())
        // second level
        foreach (var second in outline.GetAllChildren())
            String title = second.GetTitle();
            PdfDestination dest = second.GetDestination();

            pdfDoc.AddNamedDestination(title, dest.GetPdfObject());
Updated 1-Nov-23 11:16am
Pete O'Hanlon 31-Oct-23 11:40am    
Which library are you using to read the document with?
Member 15994899 31-Oct-23 11:41am    
I am using itext7
M Imran Ansari 2-Nov-23 17:24pm    
which version you are using for itext7?

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