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I'm trying to process an exchange mailbox and export some of its items to a PST file.

I'm adding a pst store and a new subfolder:

For Each i As Outlook.Store In NSpace.Stores
           If i.FilePath = FileName Then
               PstRoot = i.GetRootFolder

and then:
subfolder = PstRoot.Folders.Add(folderName)

I'm fetching the items from the exchange server (direct connection to it):

Public exch_glob As New Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.ExchangeService()
itemList_Glob = exch_glob.FindItems(ExchFldrID, BigitemView)

For Each i As Item In itemList_Glob

These parts are working fine.
I'm unable to move a message from the exchange to this PST.

Any help will be appreciated!

What I have tried:

I did try all kind of syntaxes like

and many others, but something is just not right. :(
Updated 3-Nov-23 5:39am
Richard Deeming 2-Nov-23 11:30am    
NB: If you're using Outlook, be aware that the new Outlook desktop application can't open PST files[^]. There is no word yet as to whether this will be fixed before they forcibly replace the current Outlook application with the new one.

NB2: By mentioning PST files, you're probably going to attract a lot of "PST recovery tools" spammers. They seem to love this site for some reason! :)

1 solution

To save mailitem as a *.pst file, use this: MailItem.SaveAs method (Outlook) | Microsoft Learn[^]
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