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hello everybody.
i m trying to code up a udf custom traspose without pressing ctrl + shift + enter.
this udf is meant to be vertical to horizontal transpose
below my code:

Function TRASPMAT(Source As Range) As Variant 

Dim Cont As Integer, i As Integer
Cont = WorksheetFunction.CountA(Source)

For i = 1 To Cont
    TRASPMAT = Source(i)
    ActiveCell.Insert shift:=xlRight

End Function

What I have tried:

first i triend a for next loop to return single cell value inside the resulting horizontal array , but i failed.
so , as above code, i tried to assing to the cell the function retur value and shift the cell to right through a for loop along data size, also not working

1 solution

first i triend a for next loop to return single cell value inside the resulting horizontal array , but i failed

The reason you failed is in this line:
ActiveCell.Insert shift:=xlRight

As Microsoft documentation[^] says: ActiveCell returns a Range object that represents the active cell in the active window (the window on top) or in the specified window.
So, ActiveCell refers to the same cell inside a loop.

You should refer to the cells in a Source range, then copy them whenever you want:
Dim c As Range
For Each c in Source.Cells
  c.Copy ...

More: Range.Copy method (Excel) | Microsoft Learn[^]
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Mat 257 8-Nov-23 1:51am    
therefore the function return null and i have to re set as 'void' function right? (using a c++ definitions)
it just perform copy and paste task. correct?
Maciej Los 8-Nov-23 2:35am    
No. Sorry, but you're wrong.
The intructions inside a loop do all the same. They insert a cell in active cell and move the rest of cells to the right direction.
In VBA function have to be a function if this function have to return some value(s). If a piece of code have to be executed without returning a value, then it should be a procedure (in VBA is called/named "sub").

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