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int main()
    float num1,num2;
    printf("Enter 1,2 float: ");
    scanf("%.2f %.2f",&num1, &num2);
    printf("Result:%.2f %.2f\n",num1,num2);
    return 0;

What I have tried:

Output is 0.00 whatever the input I give. Why can't I find the output I give in inout?.in codeblock I tried.
Updated 11-Nov-23 21:02pm

You cannot specifiy width or precision values on numbers that are to be read. The scanf function will attempt to read all valid characters (digits and decimal point) that make up a number, and convert it to the appropriate type. So change your scanf line to:
scanf("%f %f",&num1, &num2);
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CPallini 13-Nov-23 2:05am    
The precision specifier (%.2f) is used in the 'printf' function instead of 'scanf' to control the number of decimal places when displaying the float values.
For example, %10.4f displays a number at least 10 characters wide in total and four of them are decimal places.
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CPallini 13-Nov-23 2:05am    
Have also a look at the documentation: function scanf - cppreference[^].
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