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I am trying to get used to javascript DOM.
But I can't figure out the issue.

The function should showing the name I enter with hello, but nomatter what I done, it only show hello, who.

html code:
    <input type="text" placeholder="name" autocomplete="off" onkeyup="full()" id="fname">
 <p id="p"></p>

here is my js code.

var name = document.getElementById("fname");
var p = document.getElementById("p");
              function full(){
                if (name.value) {
                    p.innerHTML = "hello, ${name.value}";
                else {
                    p.innerHTML = "hello, who";

What I have tried:

I changed event from oninput to onkeyup, but got same resulte.

1 solution

The first problem is that you're using a regular string rather than a Template literal[^].

The second problem is that name is a property on the window object. When the event handler function is called, that property hides the name variable. Change your variable to something like fname instead.
const fname = document.getElementById("fname");
const p = document.getElementById("p");

function full() {
    if (fname.value) {
        p.innerHTML = `hello, ${fname.value}`;
    } else {
        p.innerHTML = "hello, who";
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nonprocoder 13-Dec-23 12:18pm    
hi, Thank you for your answer, I have fixed the main issue here.
But I have another question would like to ask, it just happened to me.
`hello, ${fname.value}` I don;t know why in my vs code, ${fname.value} is not a value, it's a string, just like hello. I copied your code, it works, but I did on my keyboard, it doesn't work. do you have any idea maybe I made another mistaken?
nonprocoder 13-Dec-23 12:29pm    
But If I change to 'hello, ' + fullname.value, it worked.
nonprocoder 13-Dec-23 12:33pm    
fixed it, i was using Single and double quotes instead of back ticks

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