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secret_number = 9
 guess_count = 0 
 guess_limit= 3
 while guess_count < guess_limit :
     Guess = int(input("Guess :  "))
     guess_count += 1
     if Guess == secret_number :
         print("YOU WON")
     print("SORRY YOU FAILED")

What I have tried:

why ? guess_count += 1
and why? if Guess == secret_number :
and why? Guess = int(input("Guess") :
Updated 11-Jan-24 6:56am

This says print "Guess" to the console, and wait for input. When something is typed in, try to convert it to an integer value and store the value in the varaible named Guess.
Guess = int(input("Guess") :

This says add 1 to the variable named guess_count.
guess_count += 1

And this one compares the two variables, and if they are equal it will execute the next indented statement(s). If they are not equal it will go to the else block.
if Guess == secret_number :

See 3. An Informal Introduction to Python — Python 3.11.7 documentation[^].
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Seriously, don't try to look at random code and "work out what it means" unless youy have a pretty good background in other languages - it won't help you to do anything.

If you want to know how code works, look at tutorials for the language - written ones, not youtube - and try the exercises they suggest. You will learn a lot more, a lot faster than asking "random questions" about really basic stuff!
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