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Dear ,

I want to show millions of record in table front design view in mvc but because of large amount of records is there and in table design is get stuck and show error outofrange.
Kindly guide me in mvc to resolve my point.

What I have tried:

I have tried basic table with datatable plugin but it is not handling.
I want to try with pagination or scrolling way , but it should easily understand and apply in my project.
Dave Kreskowiak 27-Jan-24 22:56pm    
You may want to show millions of records in a table, but do your users really want to SEE millions of records? How do the users navigate through that monstrosity and find the few records they really want to see?

You probably don't need to load millions of records all at once, instead use paging and fetch from database paged. Here are the link to provide you step by step guide with example to implement pagination in your project.
jQuery DataTables and ASP.NET MVC Integration - Part I[^]
ASP.NET MVC Editable Table (jQuery DataTables and ASP.NET MVC integration - Part II)
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Maciej Los 2-Feb-24 12:28pm    
To add to what has been said ... never try to throw "millions of records" into any kind of UI - it's slow, memory hogging, bandwidth slogging, and worse completely useless in practice because the user cant find the row he is interested in this century. How long do you think the user is prepared to spend scrolling through data looking for something? Do you start looking at facebook members and scroll though them all looking for your mate, or do you search for his name and then try to refine that list?

Never show more than 100 or so rows: page them, provide searches and filters to make it easy - or nobody will ever use your app twice. And most will rightly demand their money back ...
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Maciej Los 2-Feb-24 12:28pm    

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