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Hi, I have prepared a document on A5 page with e.Graphics methods.
When I get the print preview window the layout of page is ok.
When I send it to physical printer then it is cropped left upper corner is ok but bottom right is cropped.
When I change the printer to a Virtual printer the PDF file is properly printed.
What can be the problem?

Thanks in advance

What I have tried:

I have searched in google with no results.
Member 15627495 30-Jan-24 4:35am    
It could be about drivers for your printer.

without your code, It's hard to guess or see any errors or mispelling.

are you sure you send the same bunch of datas, when using 'preview' or 'printer working' ???

Without your code, we can't be sure - but I'd guess it's something to do with margins. Because of the way they handle paper, some printers can't physically print on the left or right edges, or near the top or bottom of the page. These borders may not be the same for a preview and a actual print.

Check your print document bounds and make sure that your code isn't printing outside them.
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The issue may stem from the physical printer's settings or drivers. Ensure the printer driver is up-to-date and supports the A5 paper size. Additionally, check the printer's margin settings to prevent cropping issues, as observed with the Virtual printer producing a correctly printed PDF file.
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Hi thank you for all the replies - like you said it's probably the driver issue.
I changed the OriginAtMargins to True and moved the objects in the report so it's easier to control the result.
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