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I am using Identity Server 4 to secure MVC App and Angular App, but when I try to sign in using Win Forms I receive the error: Un_Authrized client.

var tokenResponse = await httpClient.RequestClientCredentialsTokenAsync(new ClientCredentialsTokenRequest
    Address = "https://identityServerUrl/connect/token",
    ClientId = "clientId",
    ClientSecret = "seeecrit"
    Scope = "address email"

if (tokenResponse.IsError)
    MessageBox.Show($"Error: {tokenResponse.Error}");

What I have tried:

I tried ChatGpt, Google, and Identity Server 4 documentation
Updated 19-Feb-24 2:34am
[no name] 19-Feb-24 17:04pm    
("authrized" (sic) is spelled wrong; whatever that means). And we have no way of verifying your credentials. And ... "This project is not maintained anymore. This repo will be archived when .NET Core 3.1 end of support is reached (13th Dec 2022). All new development is happening in the new Duende Software organization."

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