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I saw that I can use RemoveDirectory but I read that I can use it for empty directory..and I don't find a function that I can use.

What I have tried:

I tried to search on internet, I found only RemoveDirectory

Well, you obviously didn't look hard enough. From the documentation:
To recursively delete the files in a directory, use the SHFileOperation[^] function.

Alternatively, as in the second search result:
If you need to remove a non-empty directory, you do a depth-first traversal of the directory structure. As you traverse an individual directory, you erase all the files it contains. If it contains any sub-directories, you traverse into them, deleting their contents then deleting the (now empty) directory. Lather, rinse, repeat.
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CPallini 4-Mar-24 7:16am    
0x01AA 4-Mar-24 7:40am    
Would be interesting wheter MoveFileEx("c:\ToMove", "NUL", ...) also works :)
One small addition to Richard's post - here is a wrapper class around the ShFileOperation function : CShellFileOp - Wrapper for SHFileOperation[^]
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