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Title says it all, I want to create taskbar application that would work in windows 10 and 11, preferably in C++, but I can also do C# and C if that's what it takes to make on. Visually it would be just bunch of text in taskbar that would update time to time, kinda like 'News and Interests' toolbar built in windows 10.

I know there is windows Deskband, but as far as I know, that is no longer supported and don't work at all in Windows 11 and regular Notification/Toolbar Icon is too small for what I need.

It's for my personal project, so if nobody can provide the answer, I won't gonna go extinct.

What I have tried:

I did tried to google for solution, but couldn't find anything solid. Found few projects that seem like they could do that, but am horrible at reading other people code.

1 solution

Found few projects that seem like they could do that, but am horrible at reading other people code

If you cannot read other peoples code that contains a solution you are on a downward spiral as nobody is going to supply a 'copy and paste' solution here, you will have to dig in and start at scratch -

MS Learn | Create a Visual Studio C++ project[^]

Once you have created your project, using the newest version of VS which in turn will guide you towards an app that will run on WIN10/11, you can read more on creating a taskbar application -

The tool to use will be EverythingToolbar which replaced Deskband - see more at -EverythingToolbar improves Taskbar search now on Windows 11 too[^]

As alternative, the following might help as well - How does Windows 11 implement the search input in the taskbar? | SEE the bottom for links[^]
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Member 12251575 9-Mar-24 15:50pm    
"Go learn C++, when you're done with that, figure out what you need to do from this C# project."
I don't see connection, but ok.

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