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I want to implement a react native application for remote controlling android device, Can anyone know about this how it will be implement, app will be like anydesk , teamviewer.

These are the key features of my app.

- Real-time remote screen monitoring and control or Real-time remote screen monitoring and control.

Your Solution will be valuable.

What I have tried:

- I have done lots of research on that but I cant find any library or something that is useful for me.
Updated 24-Apr-24 21:10pm

1 solution

We can't tell you "do this" - it's far too big a project, and far too undefined.
We know nothing about what you have done so far, what your experience is, what skills you have built up - whioch makes this far to big a "question" for a Quick Answers forum.

Start at the beginning: write a specification for how it is supposed to be used by the user(s). Expand on that to form a functional specification which documents what it does "under the skin". Then use that to write a test and acceptance specification so all parties have an agreed point at which it is completed.

THen use those documents to start working out what modules you need to produce and how they interact. Then specify in detail how each module works internally. Produce a test spec for each module.

Then you can start either asking specific questions about implementation, or start coding and testing.

But we can't help you from the absence of info you have given so far!
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