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App runs fine in desktop mode.

This line:
@using (@Html.BeginForm("SubmitForm", "Home", FormMethod.Post, new { id = "subform", verify = "Y" }))

is generated correctly as:
<form action="/Home/SubmitForm" id="subform" method="post" verify="Y">

when I inspect the page.

However, if I try to emulate a cell phone, the generated html is:
<form action="/Home/SubmitForm" id="subform" method="post">                    <form  action="javascript:submitform()" method="POST" style="display:none;visibility:hidden;">

There is no javascript function called "submitform" so of course it fails.

What I have tried:

I did add an empty "submitform" function but that did not solve the issue.
How do I stop this javascript reference from being generated in error?
Updated 29-Apr-24 7:54am
Richard Deeming 30-Apr-24 7:29am    
That doesn't look like something generated by ASP.NET, and a search of the GitHub repo[^] doesn't turn up any relevant results.

Try using a different browser, or starting your browser in "safe mode" with all extensions disabled.

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