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Downloaded components from here :

GitHub - ComponentFactory/Krypton: Krypton WinForms components for .NET[^]

I can not see any of the components in the toolbox 

What I have tried:

I added the dlls files but the toolbox does not show any components from krypton. How I can solve this ?

then when I create new windows forms app I can not see any of the components in the toolbox
Updated 13-May-24 3:29am
Richard MacCutchan 13-May-24 8:45am    
You cannot seriously expect anyone to answer such a vague question. Please use the Improve question link above, and add complete details of what is not working.
Martin Adams 2023 13-May-24 9:30am    
Tell me please what other details required ?
CHill60 13-May-24 9:08am    
When you state "I added the dlls files" - what exact steps did you take?
Martin Adams 2023 13-May-24 9:31am    
I opened choose items and then browse then I go to Krypton bin path and added the dll files from this folder. In the choose items dialog all the components are visible but once I press ok nothing appear in the toolbox
Dave Kreskowiak 13-May-24 9:43am    
You say you "opened choose items", but since there's at least a dozen ways and whys Visual Studio will show a "choose items" dialog, you're going to have to back up and explain what you clicked on to open the "choose items" dialog.

1 solution

I do recommend to install Krypton tools via NuGet package: NuGet Gallery | Krypton.Components.Suite 4.5.9[^]

How? See: Quickstart: Install and use a NuGet package in Visual Studio (Windows only) | Microsoft Learn[^]

If you still will not be able to achieve that, i promise to create sample project and share it with to you.

Good luck!
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Martin Adams 2023 14-May-24 16:37pm    
it work thanks I dont know how but it worked :D
Maciej Los 14-May-24 16:40pm    
You're very welcome :)
Martin Adams 2023 14-May-24 16:54pm    
please if you have time I need help here:

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