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currently we are working on this project. As name suggests that we are detecting the tumor from MRI images and classifying Astrocytoma type of brain tumors. plz suggest how to get the mri image ?
Updated 27-Sep-19 3:15am
db7uk 5-Feb-13 14:51pm
Are you serious? If you don't know anything at all, how an you hope for learning it at this forum?
Shailendra Saxena 5-Feb-13 15:11pm
@Sergey is this forum only for experts ?
No, why? It's pretty much the opposite. And you can find many answers to a very, very elementary questions. But answering only makes sense if the questions meet some minimal qualification requirements. That's why so many questions are never answered, it just makes no sense. The present question is the case: it's not formulated in the answerable way. Main problem is: this is a huge topic, and we don't know where you are, what is your background. Assuming the machine already gives you the image, the imaging standard is so huge... Just understanding how to read even the available imaging data along would be a huge book. At least, you should get to some overview.

You see, this is nothing but a Quick Questions & Answers forum. Questions have to be specific enough.

Do you see the point?
Shailendra Saxena 5-Feb-13 15:55pm
ohh i got your point. srry i'm new in this site. I'm not aware of category of forums.

1 solution

The best solution for you at this stage would be to contact the MRI scanner manufacturers and ask them. If you explain your project to them, they may be willing to help you, and possibly even let you have a copy of the specification. AFAIK, there is no one standard to which all MRI scanners are manufactured!
There is a medical imaging standard, pretty much common... I doubt OP works with MRI machines...

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