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I want to Create a procedure for insert as in table have 7 weekdays such that suppose i have following fields mentioned below for the table as

Id  employeename   field1    field2   field3   field4

all fields are varchar data type

now condition should be that when i insert the record field1 value not equal to field2 so as for field1 not equal to field3 and field1 not equal to field4 and field2 not equal to field3 and field2 not equal to field4 and same for the field3 not equal to the field4
Updated 5-Feb-13 17:48pm
Naveen.Sanagasetti 5-Feb-13 23:50pm    
Are You passing the values via page wise only....?
If you pass the values in page wise then check the condition using "if".
Ankur\m/ 6-Feb-13 0:44am    
There are many ways you can do that. 1) Check the condition in the stored proc/query you are using to insert the records to. Use RaiseError to throw error if a criteria is not met.
2) Another option is to use Instead Of trigger.
lalitkr 6-Feb-13 1:59am    
Pls provide me statement for the same if done by sql or
Ankur\m/ 6-Feb-13 2:04am    
Show me what you have tried.

1 solution

Are You Passed the values via Page...?

If you pass the values via page then check the condition using "if".

if(field1!=field2 && field1!= field3 && field1 != field4 && field2 != field3 && field2 != field4 && field3!= field4)
// insert query

i'm not sure this is your expecting but as per my understanding i given this solution .
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